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    Equipment Rental
        Oil Flushing
        Chemical Cleaning Pump
        Hydraulic Power Pack Unit (HPU)
        Bolt Tensioning / Torque
        Pressure Testing Pump
        Oil Analyses Particle Counter
        Retro Jetting Machine

    Equipment & Services
        Hydro Jetting
        Flange Management (Bolt Tensioning and Torqueing)
        Hot Oil Flushing
        Flooding and Flushing Pump
        Chemical Cleaning
        Desiccant Dryer
        Video Inspection (Boroscope)
        Microscope / Sampling Kit
        Portable Particle Counter
        Diaphragm Pump
        Pressure test (Hydrostatic or Pneumatic)
        Ultrasonic Flow Meter
        Tube Cleaning System
        High Pressure Cleaner
        Vacuum Leak Detector

        Fabrication and Fittings
        Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
        Flushing with Fluid Analysis
        Microscope / Sampling Kit
        Pressure Test
        Hose Crimping

        Our Subsidiary Organization

    Marine HVAC
        Air Duct Cleaning
        Evaporator & Heating Coil
        Vessel’s Cold Room
        Spiral Duct & Duct Fittings
        Chillers with Seawater Condenser
        Diffusers, Grilles, Cabin Unit, Sound Attenuation & Air Box
        Fire Damper, Electrical / Pneumatic
        Mechanical Ventilation Fan (Ex Proof)
        Fire Retardant Flexible Duct & Accessories
        Pre-insulated Duct Panel
        Refrigeration Compressor
        Hazardous Location Room Air Conditioners
        All Major Brands of Air Conditioner Spare Parts

    Pipeline Services
        Chemical Cleaning
        Oil Flushing
        Hydro Jetting
        Pressure Testing (Hydrostatic or Pneumatic)
        Leak Testing (Nitrogen and Helium)
        Flange Management (Bolt Tensioning and Torqueing)
        Video Inspection (Boroscope)
        Pipeline Pigging

    Steel Fabrication

    Heat Exchanger and Mechanical    
        Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
        Main Engine Air Cooler
        Plate Heat Exchanger
        Skid Structure