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SPCO Hydraulics offers a vast range of hydraulic products, engineering and MRO services cater for heave compensation tensioner system for riser or pipe laying system, deck machinery, offshore crane, hydraulic grab, oil cooler, hydraulic power pack or fitting high temperature stainless steel hoses in an engine room etc.

Our field engineers and technicians are able to provide unrivaled technical skills backed by years of offshore and onsite experience. We can be mobilized globally to provide the following services:
   - Project Management
   - Commissioning
   - Site Inspection
   - Design, Manufacture and Installation of Hydraulic Circuitry
   - Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
   - Upgrades or Modification


We have experience in a complete range of hydraulic pipeline services:

    • Fabrication and Fittings

    • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

    • Flushing with Hydraulic Fluid Analysis

    • Microscope / Sampling Kit

    • Pressure Test

    • Hose Crimping Service

Fabrication and Fittings

At SPCO, we provide fabrication and fittings services according to your system or module requirement. Fabrication for use in industrial settings requires that many different variables are taken into account. It also has to be accompanied by testing that ensures any of the products manufactured for a particular purpose will be able to handle the stresses and strains.

Fabrication requires the use of experience techniques and equipment to be certain that they are produced in a safe and reliable result. All of the products that are fabricated are tested to make certain that they are up to the highest standards of quality and performance. Vibration analysis, shock loading and other forms of testing are all performed to ensure that customers always get
the level of quality they expected.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

At SPCO, we understand that machinery downtime can cost as much as USD1mil each day and it only takes one 6” hose related incident on a rig to shut down your entire drilling operation.

Hence, rest assured that we are committed to international service support to minimize downtime by providing versatile repair of o-ring, complex proportional control valves, variable displacement pump, motor, hydraulic machinery, cylinders/rams, accumulators. As long as its hydraulics related, we can fix it (or sell you a brand new one if it is really beyond repair).

We provide quick and easy solutions as follows:
- External or internal visual inspection on reparability and failure cause
- Repair or manufacture of custom and standard hydraulic cylinders to specification
- Troubleshooting and faultfinding
- Maintenance of steel and stainless steel tubing for all hydraulic systems
- Design maintenance programs including contract maintenance programs and oil condition  monitoring system for all hydraulic systems

Flushing with Fluid Analysis

We own and provide a fleet of chemical flushing equipment and hot oil flushing equipment which are customized and built according to customers’ system requirements. Fluid Analysis report will be provided for every cleanliness result depending on system requirements.

We are able to comply with the following cleanliness standards as per industrial practice:

- ISO 4406
- NAS 1638
- SAE AS 4059

Our equipment comes with a full range of interchangeable filter elements (as fine as 3µ to 10µ) that will cater to your individual needs and help you achieve maximum cost savings by maintaining oil cleanliness and integrity of the piping system via our highly controlled oil contamination procedure.

1. Hot Oil Flushing is a term used to describe the process of removing unwanted moisture and oil contamination found in the hydraulic systems.

2. Oil Contamination is defined as substance that is not part of the hydraulic system's working fluid.

Microscope / Sampling Kit

We provide proper oil sampling kit which is critical to an effective oil analysis program. Without a good representative sample, further oil analyses are futile. There are two primary goals in obtaining sample.

First goal is to maximize data density.
The sample should be taken in a way that ensures there is as much information per milliliter of oil as possible. This information relates to such criteria as cleanliness and dryness of the oil, depletion of additives and the presence of wear particles being generated by the machine.

Second goal is to minimize data disturbance.
The sample should be extracted so that the concentration of information is uniformed, consistent and representative. It is important to make sure that the sample does not become contaminated during the sampling process. This can distort the data, making it difficult to distinguish what was originally in the oil during the sampling process.

To ensure good data density and minimum data disturbance in oil sampling, the collection procedure, device and testing location should be considered. The procedure by which a sample is drawn is critical to the success of an oil analysis. Sampling procedures should be documented and follow strictly by all members of the oil analysis team.

The hardware used to extract the sample should be easy to use, clean, rugged and cost effective. In addition, it is important to use the correct type of vacuum clean sampling bottle to assure that extracted sample is not contaminated.

Pressure Test

Our pressure test ensures pipelines or vessels are leakage free and comply with international safety standards or as per defined specifications.

The test involves filling the system with liquid, which is then pressurized to a specified pressure and hold for a period of duration depending on its standards or specification. All procedures are documented in the operation manual and equipment certificates are included.

Such pressure tests are conducted by our skilled engineers and technicians who are highly trained not just in the practical operation but also in the technical theory behind the operation procedure. The combined practical and theoretical understanding coupled with our extensive experience contributes to an effective, efficient and safe process. 

Hose Crimping

We offer hose crimping service which is both versatile and powerful enough to solve most of your hose problems both in-house or onsite. Couplings standard may follow JIC, BSP or Metric type according to requirement. We provide machining and have a vast lot of fittings to suit your machine. Hose can come with pressure testing certificate and approved by DNV authorities depending on requirement.