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Hot Oil Flushing Pump

Our oil flushing service for hydraulic and lube oil pipeline systems ensures that the equipment will start up and operate as designed and significantly reduces the potential for premature failure.

The objective is to remove contaminants such as water, rust, loose scale, weld slag and dirt from the system with preoperational cleaning method first before processing with oil flushing procedure. Any facility that has a low tolerance for equipment failure will find this service key to their preventive maintenance program.

We understand that estimated 80% hydraulic system failures are due to improper or poor fluid condition, thus our aim is to provide cost effective oil flushing solutions to all our customers.

Flow Rate: 100 Ltr to 3000 Ltr Per Min

Chemical Cleaning Pump

We offer a proactive approach towards chemical cleaning. When compared to mechanical cleaning methods, our chemical cleaning process reduces downtime, reduce exposure to toxic materials and environmental hazards.

The objective of chemical cleaning is to remove unwanted foreign material inside the pipeline or system. Key concerns are to remove weld scale, grease & oil, mill scale, corrosion products, sand, dirt, temporary protective coatings and other undesirable debris.

To conduct a proper chemical cleaning method, several factors are considered. Identify the key process equipment and solvents required for the cleaning process based on the type of pipeline or system material being used.

Flow Rate: 200Ltr to 500Ltr per Min.

Hydraulic Power Pack Unit (HPU)

In SPCO, we provide fabrication and fittings services according to your system or module requirement. Fabrication for use in industrial settings requires that many different variables are taken into account. It also has to be accompanied by testing that ensures any of the products manufactured for a particular purpose, will be able to handle the stresses and strains.

Fabrication requires the use of experience techniques and equipment to be certain that they are produced in a safe and reliable result. All of the products that are fabricated are tested to make sure that they are up to the highest standards of quality and performance. Vibration analysis, shock loading and other forms of testing are all performed to ensure that customers always get the level of quality they expected.

Flange Management Bolt Tensioning and Torque

Our flange management and controlled bolting services are recognized to be cost effective and efficient in ensuring a leak free system. Specialized bolting equipment used for bolt tensioning and torqueing ensure the correct controlled bolt load are achieved for all bolted joints during construction and for all subsequent maintenance & repair operations.

Pressure Testing Pump

Our pressure test ensures pipelines or vessels are leakage free and comply with international safety standards or as per defined specifications.

The test involves filling the system with liquid, which is then pressurized to a specified pressure and hold for a period of duration depending on its standards or specification. All procedures are documented in the operation manual and equipment certificates are included.

Such pressure tests are conducted by our skilled engineers and technicians who are highly trained not just in the practical operation but also in the technical theory behind the operation procedure.The combined practical and theoretical understanding coupled with our extensive experience contributes to an effective, efficient and safe process.

Pressure: 0 to 1500 Bar

Video Inspection (Boroscope)

Video inspection provides a real-time visual inspection for the pipelines system to determine the internal condition. A flexible fiber optic cable with a specially designed high -resolution video camera on its tip is inserted and pushes or pulls into the system. In this process, the hardened waterproof camera equipped with powerful lights, records its journey and findings.

Video images are transmitted to an external monitor for the operator to identify any damages, obstruction that inhibit proper flow and create occasional repeated buildup. The video images can be saved for a permanent record. The internal condition of a system typically cannot be determined without a visual inspection using an in-line camera.

Oil Analyses Particle counter

We provide proper oil sampling kit which is critical to an effective oil analysis program. Without a good representative sample, further oil analyses are futile. There are two primary goals in obtaining sample.

First goal is to maximize data density.
The sample should be taken in a way that ensures there is as much information per milliliter of oil as possible. This information relates to such criteria as cleanliness and dryness of the oil, depletion of additives and the presence of wear particles being generated by the machine.

Second goal is to minimize data disturbance.
The sample should be extracted so that the concentration of information is uniformed, consistent and representative. It is important to make sure that the sample does not become contaminated during the sampling process. This can distort the data, making it difficult to distinguish what was originally in the oil during the sampling process.

To ensure good data density and minimum data disturbance in oil sampling, the collection procedure, device and testing location should be considered. The procedure by which a sample is drawn is critical to the success of an oil analysis. Sampling procedures should be documented and follow strictly by all members of the oil analysis team.

The hardware used to extract the sample should be easy to use, clean, rugged and cost effective. In addition, it is important to use the correct type of vacuum clean sampling bottle to assure that extracted sample is not contaminated.

Hydro Jetting Machine

We provide hydro jetting machine which are also known as high pressure water jetting machine. The process uses highly pressurized water from 3,000psi to 35,000psi to clean and remove any unwanted construction debris, rust, mill-scale from newly installed pipeline and even cold cut materials in any open or enclosed areas that are difficult to access. At 4,000psi, hydro jetting systems has the power to burst open the toughest blockages and at the same time scours the full diameter of the pipe, flushing debris, leaving a clear surface. Extremely high pressure systems with 35,000psi and above are used for concrete cutting. Generally most hardened deposits respond better to higher pressures, and softer buildup are best removed with higher flows. These techniques have been used in practically every industry especially in cleaning of internal and external walls of pipelines, heat exchanger, boiler tubes, air fin coolers, tank, vessel, drainage etc. Hydro jetting cuts away clogs and slugs to prepare surface materials for repainting and removes grease build-up, rust, rubber, chemicals or other heavy build up without causing damage to the surface below it.

Pressure: 3000psi to 35000psi (2400 Bar)

Oil Purifier

SPCO, Provide specialised quipment, tools and skill, technician to carry out oil purification as per client requirement and to meet the required standard of oil quality the process will some sort of filtration process using coarse and fine filters. Oil purification process is a medernice process which will seperates the water and fine particles from the conterminated oil to give the cleanliness and preserve the quality.

Oily Water Separator

An oily water seperator can only be operated when the ship is sailing and en route. according to MARPOL, the oil content of the effluent must be less than 15ppm and the ship has in operation an oil discharge monitoring and control system and oily water seperating / filtering quipment. operation an oily water seperator should be done with almost precision to minimize the risks of marine pollution.