SPCO formed a group of specialist to cater to the market in need of solutions for piping insulation. Our team possesses excellent knowledge of metal fabrication and installation works in hot, cold thermal insulation as well as metal fabrication works for pipes, pipe fitting, equipment tanks, exchanger, vessel, tower etc.

The SPCO experience results in incomparable expertise in the commissioning of insulation solutions.


  • Field of Insulation Services

            • Maintenance- Shut down, Annual

            • Expansion/ Extension of existing plants

            • New built plants/ Vessels/ Oil rigs/ Platform/ FPSO conversion

  • Scope of Work

            • Piping and Ducting systems

            • Spherical and Storage tanks

            • Vessel and equipment

            • SBM buoys

            • Incinerators, furnaces and boilers

            • Stacks and chimneys

  • Type of Insulation

            • Hot and cold insulation

            • Cryogenic insulation

            • Sound barrier insulation

            • In-situ Polyurethane foam filling

            • Pre-fabricated insulation

  • Insulation Materials Options

            • Elastomeric Insulation

            • Calcium Silicate

            • Ceramic Fiber

            • Fiberglass

            • Foam glass

            • Mineral wool

            • Phenolic Foam

            • Polyisocyanurate (PIR)

            • Polyurethane (PU)

  • Cladding Options (Jacketing)

            • Aluminium

            • Stainless Steel

            • Galvanised Steel

            • Silicone Cloth

            • Glass Cloth

            • ULVA shield