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Pipeline Pigging



Pipeline pigging is an effective way to remove loose debris, water and unwanted contamination buildup of internal pipeline. Using this method, even pipelines several kilometers long can be made spotlessly clean and clear within one day.


Form pigs are molded from polyurethane foam with various configurations of solid polyurethane strips and/or abrasive materials permanently bonded and usage depend on the nature of pipeline requirements. It comes in low, medium and high density with varying size and some with built-in tracing device in case the pig is lost half way down the pipeline. There is also gel pigs used as a carrier of corrosion inhibitor in gas pipelines.


How Pigs Work

A form pig is positioned inside a pig launcher compressed with air waiting to be release. Upon releasing the compressed air, the form pig runs through the pipeline and lands on the other side where the pig receiver will capture and stop the fast travelling form pig from propelling further.


In case of heavy build-ups, the form pigs are introduced into the system in a progressive manner beginning with smaller and softer cleaning units working up to full sized cleaners with more abrasive materials.


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