Marine HVAC
Diffusers, Grilles, Cabin Unit, Sound Attenuation & Air Box



Our Marine Cabin Units and Diffusers are designed for high speed marine HVAC systems. Used to control air flow, distribution and temperature, every unit is tested for optimum performance to include air throw, induction, insulation, and sound attenuation capability.


We offer units for wall mounting or ceiling suspension, units for one or two pipe, one pipe with reheat and a wide selection of units for low pressure system applications as well. Air diffusers for ceiling mounted Cabin Units are available in square or circular shapes to fit ceiling panels. Manually operated units come with an air volume control device, while a special room thermostat is available for constant air flow and regulation of temperature. Cabin Diffusers can be delivered in a wide variety of colors in order to blend in with the ship’s interior.


If your system noise levels seem excessive, we offer a solution with our sound attenuation and air boxes. Sound attenuators use insulation to accomplish quieting, while air boxes reduce velocity to drop noise levels.


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