Marine HVAC
Spiral Duct & Duct Fittings


Our spiral duct systems are specially designed for shipboard environments mainly use to distribute air throughout the ship and into areas of desired ventilation.


They are made of hot-dip galvanized sheet plate with dual-wall, pre-insulated ducting consists of inner and outer spiral pipe with a layer of glass fiber insulation sandwiched between the two pipes. This design provides sound attenuating and thermal insulating benefits and is an excellent choice when you need to reduce heat loss in cold climate conditions and prevent condensation during hot weather cooling periods.


The non-insulated ducting consists of a single steel wall without insulation. This system is mainly used to transfer exhaust air from within the ship to the open deck, but can also be used to transport outside air to parts inside the ship.


Spiral ducting is economical, strong, and versatile and reduces upfront and ownership costs. It is easily installed through and around structural framing, inherently stronger, allow the use of lighter gauge, less costly metals and easier to clean as its smooth interior traps less dust.


All parts are manufactured to meet the challenging requirements for ships and rated in accordance with strict international shipyard standards and regulations.


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