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We provide desiccant dryer equipment and service to avoid most compressed air problems. Compressed air contains water, dirt, wear particles, bacteria and oil which when all mix together to form an unwanted abrasive sludge. This sludge, often acidic, rapidly wears tools and pneumatic machinery, blocks valves and orifices. It also corrodes piping systems causing high maintenance and extremely expensive standstill.


With the proven benefit of advanced aluminum forming technology, Pneudri comprises of high tensile extruded aluminum columns containing twin chambers each filled with desiccant material which dries the compressed air as it passes through. One chamber is operational (drying), while the opposite chamber is regenerating using either the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) [Heatless] or Thermal Swing Adsorption (TSA) [Heat Regenerative] method of drying.


A small volume of the dried compressed air is used to regenerate the saturated desiccant bed by expanding air from the line pressure to atmospheric pressure, removing the water absorbed by the desiccant material, and therefore regenerating the dryer. Heat regenerative models have electric heaters built into the desiccant beds to further reduce purge air consumption and increase operating efficiency.


Modular design eliminates the need for complex valves and interconnecting pipeline which are used in conventional twin tower designs. The extruded aluminum columns are bolted together in such a way that if your compressed air capacity is increased then additional columns or an additional bank can be added with minimum of disruption.


Multitasking of dryers enables individual banks to be easily isolated for routine maintenance work, or even a decrease in air capacity requirements (eg. night shift). This means no interruption to your clean, dry air supply.


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