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Hot Oil Flushing



Our hot oil flushing services provide you with hot oil, high velocity, high pressure flushing which dehydrate moisture less than 500ppm and filter residual contaminate as fine as 3µ to 10µ found in hydraulic or lube oil systems according to ISO 4406, NAS 1638 or SAE AS 4059 cleanliness standards.


We operate on the principle of turbulent flow (Reynolds No. >4,000), which requires the understanding and skill of a trained technician to ensure that significant damage does not occur to your system during the process and achieving best cleanliness result. Sample of result can be send to 3rd party laboratory test or onsite test using our portable laser particle counter to determine the cleanliness standard.


We provide a unique hot oil flushing service, using conventional or specialize design system, developed to increase efficiency and reduce timescales for individual project requirement. It can be design for onshore or offshore projects for the rapid and effective cleanup of new and in-service turbine, water glycol fluid and hydraulic / lube / thermal oil systems. Our equipment can come in compact size, transportable, diesel engine or electrically motor driven and can be configured to work in hazardous areas.


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