Equipment & Services
Flange Management (Bolt Tensioning and Torqueing)



Our flange management and controlled bolting services are recognized to be cost effective and efficient in ensuring a leak free system. Specialized bolting equipment used for bolt tensioning and torqueing ensure the correct controlled bolt load are achieved for all bolted joints during construction and for all subsequent maintenance & repair operations.


Nut Splitter

Badly corroded and seized nuts can severely delay repair or maintenance operations. We can provide nut splitting services which can quickly remove unwanted nuts ensuring all deadlines are achieved.


Flange Spreader

We provide flange spreader services which consist of a pairs of hydraulic loaded jaws. It can smoothly and evenly spread the stuck flanged joint without the resort of using hammer and chisel.


We offer a complete one-stop solution for flange management joint integrity service and a customize solution to ensure efficient use of resources from simple flange joint project to full plant construction project.


We provide the following services:

   -    Full joint survey

   -    In-situ machining for joints if survey outlines problems

   -    Calculated and Controlled Bolt Tensioning / Torqueing

   -    Printed certificates of bolt loading and joint integrity


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