Heat Exchanger and Mechanical
Plate Heat Exchanger



Our plate heat exchanger comprises of multiple, thin, slightly separated corrugated metal plates compressed together in a rigid frame that has very large surface areas which allow fluid flow passages for indirect heating and cooling between transfers of two fluids.


It is preferred over conventional heat exchanger as the fluid is exposed to a larger surface area due to the design of the large corrugated thin metal plates which facilitates the transfer of heat, and greatly increases the speed of temperature change. Also, for the same amount of heat exchanged, the size of the plate heat exchanger is smaller, because of the large heat transfer area of the plates. Increase and reduction of the heat transfer area is simply through the addition or removal of plates from the stack.


Design calculations of a plate heat exchanger include flow distribution, pressure drop and heat transfer. It is engineered with post-commissioning service in mind and spare parts availability. Stainless steel material is commonly used for the plates due to its strength, corrosion resistance and ability to withstand high temperatures.


We provide you our professional advice on the type of plate heat exchanger to achieve optimal heat transfer function and efficiency to suit your needs. We also provide support for refurbishment from high pressure washing, chemical cleaning, re-fit, hydrostatic test, NDE test and recertification.


Removal and Retrofit


Our experienced servicing team provides detailed and carefully executed Removal and Retrofit plans and ensure that any removal or retrofitting are accomplished in the safest and most productive manner onsite.


Cleaning Service


Cleaning of air cooler is executed in a string of chemical cleaning process which involves de-greasing, de-scaling, neutralizing, ultra-sonic cleaning and high pressure washing to ensure that the plates are cleaned of all impurities.


We always perform a detailed testing regime which includes NDE test and hydrostatic test before chemical cleaning to ensure that your plate heat exchanger is operating at maximum potential. All testing certification may be provided upon request.


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