Heat Exchanger and Mechanical
Main Engine Air Cooler


Our main engine air coolers are used to lower the temperature of compressed air inducted through turbo charger and ensure optimal running efficiency and engine performance. It consists of fin, tube, tube sheet, casing and water chamber.


Our team of designers, engineers and technicians always do their best to meet your expectations to deliver a suite of services such as design, manufacture, repair, re-tube, re-fit, cleaning, hydrostatic test, NDE test and recertification of the air cooler to achieve the maximum output for your engine performance.


Removal and Retrofit

Our experienced servicing team provides detailed and carefully executed Removal and Retrofit plans and ensure that any removal or retrofitting are accomplished in the safest and most productive manner onsite.


Cleaning Service

Cleaning of air cooler is executed in a string of chemical cleaning process which involves de-greasing, de-scaling, neutralizing, ultra-sonic cleaning and high pressure washing to ensure that the tube bundle are cleaned of all chokes, blockages and impurities.


We always perform a detailed testing regime which includes NDE test and hydrostatic test before chemical cleaning to ensure that your heat exchanger is operating at maximum potential. All testing certification may be provided upon request.


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